Frequently Asked Questions

The NoobDude Community

What is the NoobDude Community?

The NoobDude Community is an online community wich is mostly about meeting people. We spend our time playing online games, talking and meeting new foreign people from all over in the World.

Everybody is welcome to sign up! Have fun!

Remember that if you need any kind of information, you can always come back to this page and search for the information you need.

What are our values?

The NoobDude Community is based on very important values which make it famous.

First of all, the Community is based on FRIENDSHIP wich means that we are all friends and we all want to have fun together.
The most important word is RESPECT wich means that if you don't respect everyone, you're not welcome here.
Finally, even if we love to make jokes and have laughs together, we are a SERIOUS Community.

If you also believe in these values, you're welcome here !

Who are our members?

The NoobDude Community has a lot of members from all over the World.

More precisely, the members are treated on a hierarchical basis:

=> Admin Team - Also called "Orange guys", their job is to work for the future of the Community.

=> Global Moderators - Also called "MIB" for "Men in Blue", they are there to help and moderate, keeping the good spirit!

=> NoobDude - They are the members of the Community and their number is growing up everyday!

=> Registered users - People who would like to join us and/or be friends of our Community.


NoobDude Membership

How to become a NoobDude Member?

Every registered user is allowed to apply to become a NoobDude member, even if he/she a member of another clan.

If you want to become a member of the NoobDude Community, you can apply to become a NoobDude after 7 days of registration.

If you are registered for 7 days or more and want to become a NoobDude member, go to the Recruiting Forum.

In this forum you are able to create a topic to which a poll will be added.

If you want to become a NoobDude you have to be 15 years or older and it's always necessary to post a NEW application in the forum. After submitting your application-form, a poll will be created for you. In this poll NoobDude members will vote to come to a final decision to know if you'll become a NoobDude member or not.

If your poll result ends negative for some reason, feel free to request a new poll after a while when you think the time is right to give it another shot. But again, make sure you post a new application everytime you do so.

Please speak and write English. If you don’t speak English very well, at least try. The reason why, is that we are here with many different people from all over the World and it's very unpolite to speak in foreign languages when there are people around who can't understand you.

You have to be active in at least the Community Website and our TeamSpeak server. If you are not very active in neither of those NoobDude sections, other members won't get to know you and will most likely cast negative votes in your poll or don't even vote.

Please be PATIENT. Patience is needed when you want to join us. Your poll will last 7 days and during that time, you are NOT able to see result progress.

Try to advertise a bit for your poll by mentioning to people to vote in your poll. However, don't do this by posting useless topics in the forum, but by mentioning it while having conversations with others.