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Hello ladies and gentlemen, today I'd like to introduce a new feature to our NoobCoins. Robbing! From the NoobCoins menu you can now select a player and try to snatch some of his NoobCoins. You can only steal a user's cash. So if he stores his money [...]

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The jackpot did not fall at the 4th draw and currently holds 1470 tax free NoobCoins! Never ever before did a jackpot last longer than 3 draws, yet this one has gotten attention from everyone and still stands strong. Get your tickets fast a [...]

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The new year has already arrived and with it more responsibilities, more challenges, more endeavors... but we can't forget to enjoy and try to have even more fun than 2015.

The new NoobDude Community website is gaining sub [...]

    Oga - 31 minutes ago
    nope, its manderin
    Emma - 29 minutes ago
    hmm, been ages since I’ve spoken it lol
    Oga - 29 minutes ago
    now, lets make it harder....
    Oga - 29 minutes ago
    dich ban can
    Emma - 29 minutes ago
    I’m so rusty, my language skills are turning orange xD
    Oga - 28 minutes ago
    It means you’ll need the right translator to understand it :D
    Oga - 28 minutes ago
    any vietnamese here will be able to read it :D
    Emma - 27 minutes ago
    I should polish up my german language skills :o probably going to Austria next winter :D
    Oga - 27 minutes ago
    Ich bin ein Berliner!
    Emma - 27 minutes ago
    Skiing trip with my boyfriend :3
    Emma - 27 minutes ago
    Berlinerbol :p
    Emma - 24 minutes ago
    lol, that’s horrible, 5 robbery fails in a row
    Oga - 24 minutes ago
    keep ur hands off my money
    Oga - 24 minutes ago
    I usually get 7-8 fails before I get money
    Emma - 23 minutes ago
    mine mine mine :P
    Oga - 19 minutes ago
    mine :| Im the NoobCoin Thief Master Elite!
    Emma - 18 minutes ago
    To think I used to have more NCs than anyone in the community :p
    Emma - 18 minutes ago
    I think only CK had more :mrgreen:
    Oga - 16 minutes ago
    I was the richests after ck
    Oga - 16 minutes ago
    put it all in jackpots for other people though
    Emma - 15 minutes ago
    I mean on the previous website :P
    Emma - 15 minutes ago
    CK and I had several hundreds of thousands xD
    Oga - 14 minutes ago
    there i was a poor basterd
    Emma - 14 minutes ago
    Oga - 13 minutes ago
    i had a few hundred, maybe a few k noobcoins...
    Emma - 13 minutes ago
    I donated alot to everyone and I made contests with Noobcoin awards. I love doing that :)
    Emma - 13 minutes ago
    like, make me a new avatar and win 5K noobcoins or something
    Oga - 12 minutes ago
    booo avatar!
    Emma - 12 minutes ago
    Emma - 11 minutes ago
    I’m really hoping people will flock back more eventualy, I’m not giving up :D
    Oga - 6 minutes ago
    Emma - 5 minutes ago
    Ah I know that one, nope, nope, nope
    Oga - 5 minutes ago
    At first I was afraid, I was petrified....
    Emma - 4 minutes ago
    too sad a song for right now, nope
    Oga - 4 minutes ago
    you want a happy song? i got em for ya
    Emma - 4 minutes ago
    Listening to ERB xD
    Oga - 4 minutes ago
    Emma - 4 minutes ago
    Emma - 3 minutes ago
    Emma - 3 minutes ago
    I hate that song xD
    Emma - 3 minutes ago
    hahaha, it’s really used for EVERYTHING, it’s terrible :p
    Oga - 3 minutes ago
    Emma - 2 minutes ago
    Oga - 2 minutes ago
    And all you can think is NO
    Oga - 1 minute ago
    that one is old, but a clear winner :D
    Emma - 1 minute ago
    That reminds me, I need to buy some white eyeliner
    Emma - less than a minute ago
    Probably going to do that on friday
    Oga - less than a minute ago
    Oga - less than a minute ago
    White eye-liner...
    Oga - less than a minute ago
    You sorta made up by putting a black friday reference in there...
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