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Best wishes!
by Coert on 19 Dec 2014, 23:15 - Comments: 92015.png
Hello dear community! Two thousand fifteen is at our doorsteps and it is therefore that I, Coert, want to wish every single one of you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We did not grow in activity, members or any of that, but a real ND never really can let go. So what have you got planned for 2015? And how are you going to celebrate your new years eve? Let's hope NoobDude wi... Read More

Who reads this?
by Coert on 22 Oct 2014, 03:54 - Comments: 11wkj.jpg
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque condimentum, purus vel eleifend cursus, ex metus congue velit, dapibus lobortis nisl tortor eu ligula. Donec ullamcorper, tellus faucibus commodo venenatis, leo mi pellentesque arcu, sed molestie elit mauris et purus. Donec quis convallis nisi. Aenean vitae ante in orci condimentum molestie nec vel lacus. Suspendisse v... Read More

Welcome back!
by Coert on 06 Feb 2014, 03:03 - Comments: 76NDnews.png
So today I got a note from Hood and found myself on the ND page. After seeing so many responds, the site should be revived. I don't promise a full revive, as it still costs money to manage this and interest of the community was ZERO in the past which really saddened me. Let's see where this new move takes us. It's February 2014, this board started in October 2007 which means the Noo... Read More


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